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Restore, rejuvenate and protect your powder coated and painted metals.


Sun and salt spray can fade and chalk painted metal and powder coatings.

You may have dull, flat looking oxidised windows and door joinery that is making your home look unloved and detracting from its value.


Even your garage door and metal buildings can be restored with Recolour & Restore to look like new again.


Recolour & Restore will restore the original colour and lustre and provide strong sunscreen protection for your paint. 


Restore & Recolour achieves a 'factory like' smooth finish that contains U.V. blockers and anti-oxidants to protect your windows from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation, rust and fading.

Once your windows look new again, Restore & Recolour will continue to protect and make it much easier for you to keep them clean. 

The RRC Protective Coating is laboratory tested for it's UV protection capabilities in the USA, where it is manufactured. 


It is packed with UV filters & stabilisers. 


It is well proven over nearly 30 years in harsh UV conditions like those we experience here in New Zealand.

recolour & restore Company NZ 

Our skilled trained operators will come to your home and professionally restore the colour and the lustre of your aluminium windows rejuvenating the surface finish, to look like new again.  This will provide you with long term protection from sun fade, oxidation, corrosion, salt air and other damaging elements making your home look fantastic for years to come.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm


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